Progressive Activist Group ‘Priorities USA’ Launches Michigan Chapter as Part of $100 Million Investment


National political advocacy group Priorities USA recently launched local chapter Priorities Michigan. The recent addition is part of the organization’s initiative to reach states expected to have a high impact in the upcoming presidential election. The group aims to highlight the stories of Michigan voters who have felt negative economic repercussions since President Donald Trump took office.

Priorities Michigan is one of four state-specific groups launched last week by the organization as part of a $100 million investment into key states in the 2020 election.

“We’ve never done this before as an organization,” said Josh Schwerin, communications director of Priorities USA.

The advocacy group also now has chapters in Florida, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Staff at Priorities Michigan plan to look specifically at Michigan’s auto industry, agriculture, health care, necessary family expenses, and other “kitchen-table” issues, Schwerin said.

Guy Cecil, chairman of Priorities USA, said Michigan voters are especially aware of the outcomes of the 2016 presidential election.

“The reality is Michigan workers are losing their jobs, health care costs are rising, and paying the monthly bills is a challenge,” said Cecil in a press release. “Trump has shown time and time again that he’s not looking out for Michigan families. He’s only looking out for corporate profits; his tax break for auto manufacturers that turn around and lay off their workers is only one example.”

The organization cites General Motors layoffs and rising health care premiums as ways in which Trump’s policies and agenda have failed. Schwerin said the organization’s main goal is to prevent President Trump from being re-elected.

“We feel like the best thing we can do to improve these issues is get Trump out of office,” Schwerin said. “There’s a lot going on that isn’t caught up in the daily coverage of the stock market and jobs numbers.”

The advocacy group also plans to mobilize Democratic voters and “combine press and digital communications operations to push back against Trump’s false narratives,” according to the organization’s press release.

Priorities Michigan currently has a two-person staff that will be working with the national group. The Michigan staff will be mostly based in Lansing, Schwerin said, although they plan to reach out to people across the state.

“It helps to have programs on the ground,” he said.

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Jordyn Pair is a reporter at Battleground State News and The Michigan Star. Follow her on Twitter at @JordynPair or email her at [email protected].
Photo “Guy Cecil” by Guy Cecil. Background Photo “Priorities Michigan” by Priorities Michigan.






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