Amy Klobuchar Unveils Her Educational Plan at NEA Conference


Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar, along with nine other Democratic presidential candidates, unveiled her education plan at the National Education Association (NEA) conference.

During Friday’s speech in Houston, Klobuchar unveiled her “Progress Partnership,” which would give states federal funding to implement specific programs. The senator’s plan aims to increase teacher pay, invest more in school infrastructure and prepare students for the workforce, according to Bloomberg.

Klobuchar told CNN Friday that teacher pay could increase by bringing the estate tax down to what it was during the Obama years. She also said that states need the incentive to act more.

In her proposed plan, schools would accommodate working parents by implementing after-school programs or community hubs.

To make sure school spending is dispersed equally, Klobuchar’s plan creates a commission to review a state’s current education funding.

Last month, Klobuchar unveiled some education policies she would implement in her first 100 days in office. Policies included increasing funding for STEM and disability programs and canceling private school voucher programs.

Furthermore, Klobuchar would seek to undo some of the policies of Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, including re-upping the department’s staffing and restoring LGBTQ protections.

She was critical of DeVos during her interview with CNN. She said her Secretary of Education would have an educational policy background, which she accused DeVos of not having. She also suggested that DeVos has caused “all types of issues.”

Currently, Klobuchar is in 10th place in the crowded Democratic field, according to Real Clear Politics average polls.

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Photo “Amy Klobuchar” by Gage Skidmore. CC BY-SA 2.0. Background Photo “NEA Conference” by Elizabeth Warren




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